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A few minutes spent limbering up before skiing will mean miles of easy skiing with minimal strain. Mike McClaskey of St. Bernard Sports goes through his own personal warm-up routine before hitting the hill.
“I do floor exercises before I go skiing,” he says. “Then, when I get off the lift, I do some stretching. Fortunately, I’ve never had an injury — though I have run into some trees.” Here he demonstrates basic stretches recommended by the Professional Ski Instructors of America:

ski guy

To prepare for the diagonal stride, take your skis off, grasp your poles, and plant them firmly in front of your body. Then alternate kicking each leg to the front and rear. Exaggerate the kick as you warm up your legs.

To stretch your lower torso, grasp your poles firmly and dip down into a deep telemark position. Hold the position for a minute, and then reverse legs. This exercise will stretch your groin, calves, thighs, and lower back.

Stand back up, rest, then bend down and touch your toes. Don’t bounce up and down. Hold the position for up to a minute. This exercise will limber up the legs.

Returning to a standing position, grasp your poles and hold them in front of your body with your arms outstretched and stiff. Slowly, take your poles back over your head and bring them down as far as you can and hold that position for 3.5 seconds. This exercise loosens arm, shoulder, and upper back muscles.

Tips: Professional Ski Instructors of America