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NorthFace METS If you love electric blankets, then you’re gonna love this jacket. The North Face’s MET5 is laced with a network of tiny heating elements controlled by a unit in the jacket’s pocket. Wearers can turn the heat up to a toasty 114 degrees.
The flexible, microscopic fibers are laminated between a Polartec Windbloc shell and the inner liner, keeping the jacket waterproof and machine washable. Lithium ion batteries provide power and can be recharged with a 12-volt cigarette lighter socket, 110- volt household current or by a solar-powered charger. The batteries last 2 1/2 hours on the highest setting and 5 hours on medium (105 degrees).
Whether you use it as a layering garment on the slopes or just get the chills when the temperature drops below 70, the MET5 lets you adjust your personal environment at will. Go to for more info, retailer locations, or to buy online.

Get rid of burnout and get fired-up again
Sick of the same old routine? Here are ideas to get you back on the wagon.

Reset your goals: Burnout often means it’s time to set new goals. Re-evaluate your plan and reconfigure it to take into account what you’ve already accomplished and what you now hope to achieve.
Cross train: Combine your training regimen with a different kind of exercise. If you run, skip rope at the same time or, if you’re seriously sick of the routine, do something else entirely.
Reward yourself: Pause and see how far you’ve come. Remember when you couldn’t run a block, much less train for an hour.
Have fun: Isn’t that one of the reasons you’re doing this in the first place? Exercising regularly makes you feel good mentally and physically. Keep things in balance and let it enhance, not rule, your life.

clinton Just what is presidential stature? If you ever get worried about the shape of the nation, check this site out. lists the approximate body mass index and body fat percentage of every U.S. president.
Here’s a few of our fearless leaders’ profiles:
Lanky Abe Lincoln: A BMI of 22 with 11- to 20-percent body fat.
Leader of the free (but not fat-free) world William Taft: A BMI of 45 and 28-percent body fat.
His seat’s still warm: Bill Clinton: A BMI of 27 with 22- to 27-percent body fat.
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