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microbikeForget about that scooter you have — your co-workers are tired of seeing you careening up and down the hallways like some Gen Xer at a tech company. The micro bike is set to snuff out yesterday’s trend.
Already a hit in the U.K., these bikes are about 30 inches long. The frame and 6-inch polyurethane wheels seem geared to kids, but the bikes have adult-size seats, front and rear shocks, and full-size pedals.
Bicycle manufacturing giant Huffy produces three pint-size models called Micro Monkey Bikes: the base model Hear No Evil, and the upper end See No Evil and Speak No Evil, which have shocks. All come with a full chain guard, a hand brake, steel frame, steel fork, adjustable seat height, and foam grips.
Learn to do wheelies: Your co-workers will love you.

How to stick to those fitness resolutions

It’s New Year’s, and many people will once again begin the quest for fitness. Here are some tips to keep you going, so that your resolve doesn’t diminish in February and disappear by March.
Before you begin, define your goals. Be specific about what you want to accomplish and how to go about it.
Keep your goals reasonable. Don’t try to lose 20 pounds in two months. Target a certain amount of reps with a certain amount of weight or a specific distance to jog by a specific time. Chart your progress.
Make a list of goals and accomplishments and keep them close at hand: on a wall where you work out or in your gym bag.
Don’t berate yourself. Think positive thoughts. If you miss a day or a goal it isn’t the end of the world.
Look at your chart to remind yourself what you’ve already accomplished.

Be concerned with more than just fat
MYTH: If you eat only low-fat foods, you can eat as much as you want.
REALITY: Absolutely not. All food contains calories, and what you need to be concerned about is total calorie intake. It doesn’t matter if it’s fat or carbs, if you eat more than your body needs it will turn the excess into fat.
Ecko Ecko  joins joins Target Target

Former graffiti artist turned clothing maker Marc Ecko, whose Ecko Unlimited brand is a favorite of skaters and skiers, will be designing a line of clothing for Target.
The Physical Science brand will be aimed at men and boys and joins Target’s other fashionable sportswear lines, such as Mossimo.